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safety up

We take safety seriously.

It's why we use Trublue auto belays - the only auto belay device rated to the highest Worldwide Climbing Standard. Check it out at http://www.trubluebelay.com/

It's why every Climb Up session includes a 15 minute briefing for every climber before they enter the arena and start climbing.

Briefing and Safety Rules include: proper fitting of the harness, instruction in use of the carabiners, safety checks before, during and jumping down from your climb, and a demonstration of 'safe' climbing in the arena.

Children 12 years and under need to have an adult on premises when climbing.

Remember too to wear comfortable clothes for climbing and sports type footwear.

General Safety Rules:

  • Clip 'N Climb Harnesses must be worn at all times when climbing
  • Only one person on a challenge at a time
  • A safety briefing must be completed
  • Checkout down below before you jump down
  • No climbing without being clipped properly into the auto belay
  • Children 12 and Under checked by an adult
  • No food or drink in the climbing arena
  • Climbing is an alcohol free activity at Clip 'N Climb
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