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Climb Up Session Pricing

Fun Up Climber - If you're Over 5 years a 1hour session plus 15 min safety briefing and harness included is $18.50.

Start Up Climber - If you're 5 years of age or under a 1hour session plus 15 minute safety briefing for you (and your adult carer) with harness included is $12.50.

Are You up for the Challenge? Add on Extra Challenges!

Leap of Faith - Leap out into space after climbing up the pole and see if you can catch the trapeze or sumo bag. The further you leap the harder it is - see how far you can fly.

$5.00 to dare!

Vertical Drop Slide - Free fall and drop down from 8m high (or lower if you prefer). You set the height - then let go!

$4.50 to drop!

Combo Price - Take on both challenges for $7.50  

Book at Reception.

How does it work?

Book a session either via our website, phone or at reception.

Every session runs for an hour climbing with an additional 15 minute safety and harnessing briefing before you start.

Once you're briefed and harnessed up - away you go.

Just make sure you wear comfortable clothes and sports type shoes.

And remember, if you're under 12 you need an adult to Check You before each climb to make sure your harness is clipped in properly.

TUE - THU 10am - 7pm
FRI 10am - 8pm
SAT 9am - 8pm
SUN 9am - 7pm
School holidays  
MON - THURS 9am - 9pm
FRI - SUN 9am - 10pm